Team Leader / Supervisor 360 Degree Feedback Survey Questions

Whilst our Team Leader questionnaire can be a good starting point, we would reccommend using our free questionnaire design service for a more bespoke solution.

Team Leaders and Supervisors who lead and manage the performance of an operational team. The Team Leader/ Supervisor questionnaire is based directly on the National Occupational Standards for Management and Leadership. Whilst the questionnaire is comprehensive and covers the core attributes of working at this level, questions can be easily added, removed or updated to suit your specific needs / role expectations.

Personal Effectiveness

Demonstrates the knowledge and understanding needed to do the job
Regularly reviews own performance against their objectives
Takes personal responsibility for making things happen
Makes the best use of available resources
Manages their time well

Team Leadership

Provides clear direction to others
Delegates well
Ensures that work is fairly allocated across the team
Supports others to achieve their objectives
Motivates people to do the best they can
Plays an active role in the delivery of team objectives
Develops productive working relationship with others
Monitors the progress of work
Ensures others produce high quality work
Effectively deals with misconduct or unsatisfactory performance
Motivates people to do the best they can
Provide regular constructive performance feedback to others

Looks beyond their operating world

Knows their external operating environment
Understands the dynamics of the market place
Considers the needs of other areas of the organisation
Establishes effective networks across the organisation/ other functions


Creates a healthy and safe working environment
Ensures H&S legislation is complied with
Follows the organisation’s grievance procedure in response to concerns, problems or complaints raised by team members


Tailors communication in terms of both message and delivery to the audience
Communicates in a clear and concise manner
Makes sure that there is a good two way flow of communication
Provides people with the information they need

People Development

Creates a working environment that encourages continuous learning
Works with others to identify their development needs
Supports the development of others
Supports others to take responsibility for their own development
Develops the team

Meeting Management and Decision Making

Prepares well for meetings
Leads effective meetings
Ensures time in meetings is well spent
Makes a valuable contribution to meetings
Builds on the contributions of others
Takes tough decisions in absence of complete data
Makes unpopular decisions when necessary
Makes sound decisions

Customer Focus and Continuous Improvement

Understands the needs and expectations of their customers
Puts the customer at the forefront of their teams goals and activities
Looks for ways to improve customer service
Takes action to improve customer service before complaints arise
Treats complaints as opportunities to improve service
Attempts to resolve customer complaints and problems immediately whenever possible
Promotes a drive for quality within their area
Is supportive of organisational change in relation to customer service improvements
Creates a team environment that encourages innovative thinking
Looks for better ways of doing things (improving processes, systems, products etc)
Supports others to implement improvement ideas