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Free questionnaire design service

Our questionnaire design expert has 16 years’ experience of supporting organisations to develop questionnaires that are fit for purpose.

We believe our FREE 360 questionnaire design service is essential to ensure both the individual and organisation drive maximum benefit from the 360 feedback process. It normally takes no more than 2 days and we are happy to develop questionnaires from:

  • An organisational framework – We are very experienced in building 360 questionnaires direct from existing organisational frameworks (competencies, values, leadership behaviours etc.)
  • An existing questionnaire – Using your current questionnaire, rating scale etc and developing the 360 feedback journey around that
  • Off the shelf questionnairesExecutive Manager, Middle / Senior Manager and Team Leader / Supervisor questionnaires. Either, use them as they are, or we can modify them to suit your needs
  • Scratch – Much simpler than it sounds, we can either:
    • Provide access to the full version of our questionnaire design tool which makes the whole process very quick and provides a fantastic draft questionnaire which can then be further refined
    • Provide a database of questions from which you can select the ones most relevant to the organisation's context and requirements
    • Design it from a conversation where you outline the expectations of leaders and managers within the organisation

Our 360 questionnaire design principles

Great 360 feedback questionnaires are at the heart of every successful 360 tool, which is why we always apply the following principles in our approach:

  • Fit for Purpose – Whilst generic questionnaires are OK, they never fully hit the mark! Developing the questionnaire to ensure it provides insightful feedback against the organisations expectations, context and leadership level is a fundamental part of getting 360 degree feedback right
  • Apply best practice – Things like:
    • Keeping questions short and to the point
    • Keeping the total number of questions under 50
    • Describing one behaviour at a time i.e. avoiding asking double or triple-barrelled questions
    • Ensuring questionnaires can be easily completed within 15 minutes
    • Including a free text box after each set of questions and some summative / catch all boxes at the end


Leading the way in technology, we ensure our online questionnaires have the following functionality:

  • Saved as you go – Our ‘automatic saving system’ means that people can complete questionnaires over multiple sessions, their answers can be revised at any point before submission, and all user inputs are saved automatically as they are entered
  • Mobile friendly - We believe Lumus360 is the only 360 feedback provider to have a fully mobile compatible feedback collection system. This means you can complete your 360 feedback activity on a mobile or tablet device, without fighting through a clunky interface
  • Feedback quality enhancement – Our latest algorithm monitors respondent responses and then offers pragmatic and sensible suggestions for further improving the quality of their feedback. An example would be – If a respondent left low ratings throughout one of the competency area’s – a ‘polite guidance note’ would appear to ask that they now leave a short note to offer ideas on how the participant could improve in this area
  • Relevant questions only – Select which of the feedback population groups answer which questions

What's next?

Whether you want more information, a fully costed a proposal, or just need some advice, we're happy to help.

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