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Lumus 360 degree feedback

360 feedback tools from Lumus360

Established in 2000, Lumus360 is one of the UK's leading suppliers of 360 feedback surveys - leading the way in technical excellence, feedback report quality, latest thinking and client support.

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Our aim is to take the hassle out of designing, developing and delivering 360 degree feedback, Team Surveys and Training Needs Analysis tools and to provide the strategic, project management and facilitative support to assist in their successful implementation.

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More information about Lumus360

All about Lumus

About Lumus

We specialise in providing 360 feedback reviews for trainers, consultants, medium and large organisations across the UK and Europe.

Clients we are working with

Clients we have had the privilege of providing services to for. View our most recent clients and read how we have enabled them to use 360 feedback reviews to support their executive coaching, talent management, leadership and management development programmes.

What is 360 degree feedback?

New to 360 degree feedback? Then this is the page for you. This page gives a great overview about 360 degree feedback is and what the benefits of using it are.

Why Lumus360?

Four great reasons to choose us to design, develop and help implement your 360 feedback / team surveys and conduct your training needs analysis.

Lumus360 Products

360 Degree Feedback for organisations

For small, medium and large organisations - Learn more about our fully managed online 360 tools and how we can build a 360 survey to your requirements.

360's for consultants and trainers

Lumus360 specialise in providing fully managed 360 feedback for consultants, trainers and coaches to use with their clients.

360 software

Designed for medium and larger organisations who want to manage their own people through the 360 process at a fraction of the normal cost.

Multi Language 360's

Allows participants and their feedback respondents to complete the whole 360 feedback process in their preferred language and for multi-lingual reports to be produced instantly.

Off the shelf 360's

A cost effective and quick way to provide 360 feedback against one of our generic 360 questionnaires.

Feedback reports plus coaching

The perfect solution for those who want to arrange for an individual to gain 360 feedback against a purpose built questionnaire and to be coached through their report.

Team Surveys

Team effectiveness and team performance surveys designed to provide teams with a 360 picture, enabling them to work and function better together and meet their customers' expectations.

Training Needs Analysis

Our purpose built online Training Needs Analysis (TNA) surveys provide a comprehensive overview of learning and development needs across the organisation.

Supporting Services

Other ways we can help, including competency framework development, 360 degree appraisal coaching and 360 feedback questionnaire design.

Useful Information

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Read the latest news and comment linked to feedback coaching, implementing 360 tools, questionnaire design and many other articles.

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