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Off the shelf – Ready to go 360 feedback

Designed for an individual or organisation who want to provide 1 – 3 people with 360 feedback. This ready to go – instant 360 feedback solution uses one of our off the shelf 360 degree feedback forms, with tried and tested questions. Taking this approach means we can get everything going within the hour and ensures users end up with a compresence feedback report against the core behaviours associated with their leadership level/ role.

To get things going, all you need to do is:

  • Select the questionnaire/360 feedback form that best suits your needs
  • Provide us with the participants contact details and the date the report is needed

That’s it - We’ll do the rest, getting your feedback report to you within a couple of weeks.

Off the shelf 360 feedback
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What is ready to go 360 feedback?

Our normal approach to developing 360 feedback surveys, includes a questionnaire design service and fully customised platform build (branding, emails, user journey flow etc), all of which can take a few days to put in place. Whilst that approach is a worthwhile activity when the system is needed for a group of people, this off the shelf solution is aimed at those that need a hassle free, instant 360 for one or two people, yesterday!

Because it uses a pre-built platform and 360 feedback evaluation form, we are able to launch everything within 10 minutes of your initial call/contact.

Getting things underway

This couldn’t be simpler, all you need to do is:

  • Choose the 360 degree feedback form / questionnaire that best suits the participants role:
Questionnaire View Questions
First line supervisor View
Middle manager View
Senior manager/Exec team member View
Emotional Intelligence View
Sales manager View
Coach View
Senior manager - 100 days in role View
  • Give us a call on 01291 637380 or email support@lumus360.co.uk and let us know:
    • The participants first, surname and email address
    • Who the feedback groups will be – Is it Manager, Colleagues and Direct Reports?
    • When the process should start and the date the report is needed (ideally 3 weeks but this can be reduced if needed)

Our service

Lumus360 manage the 360 feedback collection and report production process on your behalf.

This fully managed – hands off service means that one of our service support team manage everything for you, ensuring a hassle free service that guarantees report production on the agreed date and with the maximum amount of feedback possible. We will:

  • Speak to the participant to ensure they know what needs to be done and support them where needed
  • Provide any administrator input including dealing with bounce back emails, chasing respondents when needed, answering in inbound emails – calls etc
  • Provide any final chasing when needed
  • Produce and distribute the report

We can also provide monitoring screens for those who want to also keep an eye on things.

Feedback report

Lumus360 reports are designed to present results in a clear and concise way, enabling participants to easily understand where their strengths and development areas lie.

Our ready to go 360 feedback reports also include guidance notes and a development planning template.


Because this package involves no development/ customisation, we are able to offer reports at a fixed price of £75 plus VAT per report.

What's next?

Whether you want more information, a fully costed a proposal, or just need some advice, we're happy to help.